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profile picture of Dr. Myrna Rosado-Rasmussen

Dr. Myrna

Dr. Rasmussen teaching a child how to read

Dr. Myrna Rosado-Rasmussen has been working with bilingual/ESL programs for over 25 years. Her dream to share her knowledge came to fruition when she became the CEO/Founder of National Multilingual Services.

Her experience ranges from working in urban to suburban school districts. She has held many positions in the field of bilingual education, from a bilingual teacher, administrator, bilingual professor, and DL coordinator leading the state of TX in the Department of Education with their dual language framework initiative. In addition, Dr. Rasmussen has served on state and national boards as an executive board member.

Her passion and contagious energy for bilingual programs inspired her to pursue a doctoral degree in that field. 


Because she believes that ALL students have a superpower, her dissertation focused on Culturally Relevant Pedagogy practices.


Dr. Rasmussen pointing at a projector screen as she gives a presentation
a little girl reading a book

She believes that students should be able to learn to their fullest potential, building upon their background knowledge and culture to become successful in a global economy.


Dr. Rasmussen's unwavering belief in the importance of knowledge and languages as a means of student empowerment is truly remarkable.

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